Honeywell MIDAS-k-NH3 | MIDAS-E-NH3 ammonia Gas Detection Sensor
  • Honeywell MIDAS-k-NH3 | MIDAS-E-NH3 ammonia Gas Detection Sensor
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Honeywell MIDAS-k-NH3 | MIDAS-E-NH3 ammonia Gas Detection Sensor


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Honeywell MIDAS-k-NH3 | MIDAS-E-NH3 ammonia Gas Detection Sensor

The Midas gas detector uses reliable sensor technology to detect a variety of major toxic gases, environmental gases and combustible gases in the plant.This device can monitor locations within 100 feet (30 m), while using the patented technology to control the gas flow rate and ensure accurate gas detection.The Midas gas detector uses Honeywell's advanced robotic technology to provide safe quality and reliability:
Improved visibility and ease of use.The Midas gas detector is equipped with bright LED lights and an intuitive interactive interface to provide instant alarm by gas reading or alarm level.The interface also includes a password protection menu for configuration, testing, and calibration.
Easy to install.The Midas gas detector is small, with an easily removable metal housing and easy to install.In the very precious crowded and complex environment, this feature is extremely important.
Many application examples.The Midas gas detector is rich in functions and easy to use, suitable for many industrial applications (including semiconductor processing, light manufacturing, university laboratories, aerospace and wastewater treatment and other industries).
Other features and advantages:
Over 35 gases can be detected
The smart sensor box comes with an 'electronic calibration' certificate
Equipped with 3 built-in relays (type C) for level 1 and 2 alarms and fault alarms
Power is supplied via the Ethernet (PoE) communication interface
Equipped with a keyboard interface and a remote browser interface
The optional Midas Pyrolyzer module can be connected to any Midas gas detector
With password protection menu levels that ensure system integrity
Bright LED lights and intuitive icon-driven, large multi-color backlit LCD display
Pre-factory calibrated sensors reduce the frequent gas testing requirements
Isolated 0-22 mA analog output, with fault and event reporting capabilities
The Modbus / TCP Ethernet is easily connected to all of the control and alarm system ports used to control connection and service interactions
A robust suction pump system (2 years of service life) whose sampling distance is 100 feet
Through CE certification, can completely resist radio frequency interference
The Reflex® Sensor Health Check improves safety
TempraSureTM Temperature Compensation Technology (if applicable)
The event logging function enables the sensor logging history

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