VLT FCM 300 series inverter
  • VLT FCM 300 series inverter
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VLT FCM 300 series inverter


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VLT FCM 300 series inverter

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The frequency converter is installed at the location of the original motor terminal box. Its height does not exceed the standard junction box, and the length and width do not exceed the motor. The FCM300 variable frequency motor can be used in various derivatives to meet the needs of the customer.

Features and Benefits

Power range
0.55–7.5 kW, 380–480 V

IP55 (standard)
IP65/IP66 (optional)

Motor and frequency converter are perfectly matched to each other
There is no need to program the drive with motor data.

Easy to install
No panel space required – the variable frequency motor mounts directly to the motor.

Direct implementation of EMC compatibility
There is no cable connection between the inverter and the motor, and the RFI filter is built-in.

Standard Modbus RTU built in for RS485 communication configured for connection to a PC.

harmonic filter
Built-in DC reactor. No cable length restrictions.

RFI filter RFI filter
Complies with EN55011 1A (standard)
Complies with EN55011 1B (optional)

Accessories and Options

Built-in PROFIBUS DP option.

local control panel
LCP2, alphanumeric panel for easy setup, control and diagnostics.

local operation book
The LOP LED simple control panel performs start/stop, acceleration/deceleration and jogging.

Potentiometer Options
Internal mount option for local mode speed setting,

Sensorless Pump Control
OEM version provides precise pressure (head) control without the use of pressure transducers.

forced ventilation
Torque output is not reduced during continuous operation at low speed.
Flexible installation
B03 Bottom
B05 Edge
B14 Front
B34 Bottom and Front
B35 bottom and edge

Pole or 4 pole motor optional

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