Inverter FC300
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Inverter FC300


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Inverter FC300

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Power range
      0.25 - 37 kW (200 - 240 V)
      0.37 - 800 kW (380 - 500 V)
      0.75 - 75 KW (525 - 600V)
      37 kW – 1.2 MW (525 - 690V)

      For enclosure class IP 20/Chassis. Optional IP21/NEMA 1, IP55/NEMA 12, IP 54/NEMA12 or IP66 NEMA 4x.

Smart Logic Controller
      The VLT AutomationDrive provides a safe stop function as standard (suitable for Category 3 installations to EN 954-1). This function prevents the drive from starting unexpectedly.

      The VLT AutomationDrive frequency converter has the option of a safe stop function and meets the requirements for a Category 3 installation according to EN 954-1. This function prevents the drive from starting unexpectedly

Hot-plug LCP
       The Local Control Panel (LCP) is pluggable while it is running. Via the control panel, settings can be easily transferred from one drive (or from a PC with setup software) to another.

Intelligent thermal management
      There are currently two cooling methods: forced convection cooling; cooling plate cooling

      Various options for bus communication, synchronization, user settings, etc. are plug-and-play.

Display options
      Graphical Local Control Panel (LCP102)
      Digital Local Control Panel (LCP101)
      Panel Mount Kit for LCP

Application options
      External 24 V power supply card

Fieldbus options
      PROFIBUS DP V1 (MCA 101) Profisafe-Stop (MCA 103)
      DeviceNet (MCA 104)
      CAN Open Loop (MCA 105)
      Ethernet IP (MCA 121)

I/O options
      General Purpose I/O (MCB 101)
      Encoder input (MCB 102)
      Parser Input (MCB 103)
      Relay option (MCB 105)
      Safety PLC I/O (MCB 108)
      PTC Thermistor Card (MCB 112)

Transmission Control Options
      Transmission control card (MCO 305)
      Synchronous Control Card (MCO 350)
      Parallel control card (MCO 351)
      Center Winding Card (MCO 352)

      Brake resistors, accessories and mounting frames for mounting resistors

      Harmonic Filter (AHF 005/010 MCE)
      Sine wave filter (MCC 101)
      dU/dt filter (MCC 102)

other attachments
      IP21/NEMA 1 Kit
      Profibus adapter Sub-D9 connector
      Decoupling board for fieldbus cables
      USB cable to connect to PC

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